Light Bundle

Project description

Our interaction with plants are something we take for granted. Surrounded by flowers and vegetables of different shapes, sizes and colors, we are immersed in a rich visual and sensory experience. Inspired by the physical interaction of grabbing, choosing and assorting plants in the marketplace, we draw metaphor from the rich direct manipulations we perform on everyday plants. This work is particularly inspired by the action of grabbing a bundle of strands, as in grasping a bouquet of flowers or a bundle of asparagus. We aim to leverage these plant-inspired direct manipulations as metaphors for new interactions with novel materials, i.e., optical fibers. As optical fibers possess the affordance to be grasped in a bundle and also released into strands, this work embeds plant-like interactions in an optical fiber bundle with color/light-changing properties. By using physical interaction to alter light, which is intangible yet ubiquitously present, this work also explores the poetic interaction of “grasping light”.

Project details

  • Client: MIT Media Lab - Tangible Interfaces

  • Company: Personal

  • Team: Michael Degen, Jason Tucker, Michael Chuah, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao

  • Category: Interface, Interaction, Space

  • Date Created: Spring 2013