Fuse 1 Ecosystem

Selective laser sintering (SLS) has long been valued for the ability to 3D print durable and highly detailed nylon parts that are ready for demanding end-use applications. However, high-quality in-house SLS has been out of reach for most designers due to high costs, large space requirements, and arduous user workflows. The Fuse 1 brings the powerful prototyping and production capabilities of SLS to a broad array of new users with an ecosystem designed to deliver new levels of ease of use, efficiency, and affordability.

Driving the Fuse and Sift hardware is a powerful software ecosystem and easy to use interface set apart by 3 unique features: Fuse Vision; Assisted Maintenance; and End to End Powder Management. Fuse Vision allows real-time monitoring and error checking of prints using a robust computer vision and machine learning algorithm that can detect obstructions and artifacts that deviate from the original design. In addition, users can monitor this feed in real-time directly from the printer interface or remotely via PreForm. Assisted Maintenance is a tracking system and contextual instruction UI that keeps track of routine maintenance tasks, alerts and guides users on how to clean optical elements, replace filters, and perform the necessary functions to keep the hardware operating at peak performance. This significantly reduces the normal training associated with operating a SLS 3D printer of this class. Finally, End to End Powder Management gives users fine control of powder refresh rates, allowing them to recycle the vast majority of used powder towards new prints. On-screen controls allows users to track powder volumes and mixed ratios, while controlling dispensing and mixing mechanisms for recycled powder.

UI/UX Design Lead
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